The area has a well-developed transport network, it is also attractive for development of agriculture, crop growing and farming, gardening and fishing industry, rough processing of agriculture products and raw materials.


Astana-Kokshetau-Petropavlovsk-Omsk route

—  The area is 780.7 thousand hectare (ha)

—  581,6 thousand ha of the plots of land designated for agricultural  use  —  581,9 thousand ha

—  The plots of land designated for residential settlements — 68054 ha

—  5401 ha of the plots of land are designated for industrial, transport and other non agricultural use-

—  88497 ha of  forests

Under good weather conditions, the area receives up to 1 million tons of grain.

Wheat fields

Grain Cleaning

Currently, soft and hard wheat, legume crops, oilseed crops and vegetables are grown in the region

Cleaning legumes



The following activities are developed: livestock breeding, pig breeding, poultry breeding, production of fodder and food, as well as wood processing.

Stock raising



Production of animal feed