There are 1 397 units of working subjects of small and average business of the area, including legal persons – 122, individual persons – 996, peasant and individual farms – 279.

There are 30 companies working on food production and processing of agricultural products, including 9 large and medium flour mills, 9 bakeries, 7 plants for the production of confectionery, 1 Creamery, 1 plant for the production of vegetable oil, 1 workshop for the production of linseed oil. In addition, there are 9 workshops for wood processing, 4 plants for the manufacture of furniture, 4 plants of tailoring and shoe repair, 2 plants for the production of charcoal.

Bakery products


Meat products


In the framework of cross-border cooperation between North Kazakhstan and Omsk regions LLC «Hollyhood» – trade- retail store has opened in the city of Bulaevo.

Supermarket «Nizkotsen»

The opening of the shopping center.

The work of the shops, cafes, restaurants, canteens, barber shops and pharmacies, shops shoe repair, photo studios, service stations, sewing shops is the sphere of rendering of everyday service to the population in business undertakings. So that everyday service is a promising business because of the low capital intensity.

There are many long-range areas of development besides to the usual services:

*The construction of transport and logistics facilities considering the geographical position of the area;

*Processing of grains and oilseeds;

*Processing of by-products of animal products (leather, wool, articles of hides);

*Wood processing:- building materials, wooden logs, charcoal and more (others);

*Modern greenhouses for growing vegetables, fruits and melons;

*Storage of vegetables;


*Roadside cafes, hotels taking into account the border area and international passing highways — services of technical maintenance of automobiles (service station) by passing the track, car washes, etc.;

*The cultivation of mushrooms, berries (strawberries, raspberries, currants, gooseberries, cherries), medicinal and spicy herbs.

*Manufacture of bricks, cinder blocks.