Well acclimatized meat and meat and dairy breeds of cattle are grown in the region:

a) Angus



b) Hereford



с) Kazakh bald (white-headed)

Kazakh bald (white-headed)

e) Semental


Grass acreage is 112 thousand hectares, hayfields – 42,1 hectares. On average 3 hectares of grass acreage per one cattle head.  The area may contain more than 150 thousand cattle stock.


There were produced 6, 1 thousand tons of meat in live weight, milk 35 thousand tons, eggs-16.7 million in January-Oktober 2016.

Meat, milk, eggs

The livestock of all species of animals in all categories of farms of the district on Oktober  1, 2016 is: cattle 33.3 thousand, sheep and goats 39,4 thousand, horses 12,6 thousand, pigs 33,8 thousand, birds 256,2 thousand.

The average weight of beef is — from 700 to 1300, the average milk yield per year 3.5-4 thousand liters. There are also grown small cattle breeds Merino, Edilbaevskaya , Romanovskaya, Orenburgskaya goats in the area.


Edilbaevskaya breed

Romanov breed

Orenburg goats

Purchase of milk of the population is made in 20 rural districts and 58 villages. Daily procurement of milk from population by area is 17-18 tons. 8-9 tons of milk purchased from agricultural enterprises.

Purchase of milk

The area promising to open cattle-breeding complexes and processing of meat, milk, wool, hides.