The district is located in the north-eastern part of the North Kazakhstan region, within the West Siberian Plain in the forest.

Map of Kazakhstan

In the north and east it borders with Omsk and Tyumen regions, in the south — with Tayynshinskii and Akzharskii districts, in the west — with Akkayynskii and Kyzylzharskii districts of our region. The regional center is Petropavlovsk. The distance from the regional center is 90km.

Map of North Kazakhstan region

The international road (route) Astana – Kokshetau – Petropavlovsk – Omsk runs on the territory of the district.

Astana-Kokshetau-Petropavlovsk-Omsk route

According to the natural characteristics, the territory is divided into northern – forest –steppe and southern-steppe. The climate is continental, the average January temperature is -18-24C, July +20+22C, the average annual precipitation level is 280-330mm.


Soil is humus, meadow-humus, carbonate, and natrium. The average score of bonitet varies from 42 to 72.

Black earth

There are 9 big lakes and dozens of small ponds. Birches, aspens, Siberian maples, pines, shrubs, cherries, strawberries, stone berries, dog-roses and variety of mushrooms prevail in the forests.







Fauna is very diverse fauna there: elks, deer, wolves, lynxes, foxes, steppe foxes, wild boars, polecats, badgers, hares and muskrats.

The fauna of the area

Birds: geese, ducks, swans, and predatory birds – eagles.

Birds living in the area

There are lots of carps, perches, rotans, pikes.

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